Post-Conviction Relief

Get The Justice You Deserve With Our Post Conviction Relief

Even after you are convicted, you still have rights and legal options. At The Coon Law Firm, we provide post-conviction relief in Madison, Hinds and Rankin counties. Whether it has been days, months or years after your conviction, a post-conviction lawyer from our law form may be able help you get the justice you deserve.

Post-conviction relief covers a broad range of legal services. Once hired, a qualified post-conviction lawyer can assist you with felony and misdemeanor appeals, sentence reviews and appeals, record expungement, writs of habeas corpus and other matters. These services may result in release, a new trial, a change to your sentencing or some other relief. Conviction is not always the end of the story, so if you believe you were not served justly, give our law firm a call.

Speak With A Post-conviction Lawyer To Explore Your Options

Ensure you are fairly treated by the court of law by consulting with a post-conviction lawyer from our experienced criminal defense firm. Whether you have a parole board hearing coming up or you would like to apply for house arrest, we can help you. We also help clients file post-conviction relief petitions, more commonly known as time cuts since they can reduce sentencing.

Learn more about your legal options after conviction by scheduling a free consultation with William Coon. During your consultation, William will review your situation and explain the intricacies of the relevant laws to you. We look forward to working with you in your pursuit of justice.

Challenge Your Sentencing With A Criminal Appeals Lawyer

If you are convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, you have the right to appeal the sentencing. As part of our post-conviction relief services, we can connect you with a talented criminal appeals lawyer to guide you and represent you throughout the process. The criminal appeals process is long and complex, so we strive to make it understandable for you so you can feel informed and more comfortable.

With a criminal appeals lawyer on your side, you can make a motion to your trial judge to overturn the jury's verdict, move for a new trial, seek a writ and appeal your case to a higher court, as well as other legal actions. However, you cannot appeal your case simply because the outcome was unfavorable for you. There must be legitimate legal grounds such as errors, misconduct or tampering that occurred during your initial trial.

Our criminal appeals lawyer team is highly skilled at identifying a basis for your appeal and leveraging it to your full advantage. We work with you every step of the way, endlessly pursuing the justice you deserve. For more information on appeals or other types of post-conviction relief, please reach out to us.

Contact our legal team based in Madison, Mississippi, to learn more about your post-conviction relief options. We proudly serve Mississippi and Louisiana.