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Post Conviction Relief

Post Conviction Relief is a process by which persons convicted of crimes can challenge the legality of their conviction and/or sentence. They are difficult cases that require an experienced attorney to determine whether or not there are any valid grounds for appeal. It is important to get an honest and knowledgeable assessment of you case. The Coon Law Firm
can provide that assessment and give you the accurate understanding of your case that you need. Contact us today and discuss you or your loved ones case.

Misdemeanor Appeals

Any and all misdemeanor convictions in Mississippi are appealable to County Court or Circuit Court. This appeal is a        “de novo” appeal. That means nothing that happened in the lower court does not bind the higher court and you are entitled to a new trial. Contact The Coon Law Firm today to discuss appealing your misdemeanor conviction there is a limited amount of time to file the appeal, so call today.

Challenge Your Sentencing With A Criminal Appeals Lawyer

If you are convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, you have the right to appeal both the conviction and the sentencing. Mr. Coon is an experienced criminal appeals attorney and can fully explain both the procedure for appealing and the likelihood of success in your case. The criminal appeals process is long and complex, so we strive to make it understandable for you so you can feel informed and more comfortable.

You cannot appeal your case simply because the outcome was unfavorable for you. There must be legitimate legal grounds such as errors, misconduct or tampering that occurred during your initial trial.

Mr. Coon is very skilled at analyzing court records and identifying a basis for your appeal and leveraging it to your full advantage. We work with you every step of the way, endlessly pursuing the justice you deserve.

Appeals are time sensitive. Contact us today.

There is a limited time frame within which a person must file and appeal. That time period can be very short especially for misdemeanors and direct appeals of felony convictions. Petitions for Post Conviction Relief must be filed within three years or there will be substantial limits on what you can argue. Do not delay. Call The Coon Law Firm today for a free
consultation.” 601-401-8617 or emailing us. We proudly serve Mississippi and Louisiana.