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We Defend People Against Charges For Violent Crimes

For every terrible crime, it is equally terrible to be falsely accused. There are many potential defenses to violent crimes including alibis and the justification of self defense. Whether you have a defensible case or you made a mistake, there is nothing wrong with aggressively and ethically defending your case to protect your rights and achieve the best
possible result. At The Coon Law Firm, we are more than ready to open the door to have candid conversations and tell you the honest truth about the possible outcomes. Our Mississippi attorney knows that your name and even your life are on the line, and we will put our all into defending you against any crime no matter how serious the charges.

There Is No Criminal Case Too Complex For Us To Handle

Our clients have faced charges such as:

  • Aggravated Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • House Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder

We can assist you through every step of your case and effectively represent you through discovery, plea negotiations and trial. We will seek to understand both your case and your character fully and then use that information to effectively plea bargain on your behalf and if a trial is the best option for you we will work tirelessly for a good result. Mr. Coon is an
experienced trial lawyer and is very practiced at trial strategy and can help you present an effective case at trial.

Life After A Violent Crime Conviction

If you have been convicted, you can file an appeal. In the appeals process, a court will decide whether you were given a fair trial and your rights were protected. If you are able to overturn or avoid a conviction, you may also be able to have your record expunged. Your case will be reviewed at an initial consultation, and we can explain the eligibility requirements in detail based on your conviction.

Request A Consultation To Take Your Case To Court

It is important to remember that even good people can make bad decisions. We will not judge you or make any assumptions about you based on the crime you are charged with.  We believe in the criminal justice system and that every man and woman should have a knowledgeable advocate on their side. Tell us about your case today. Call 601-401-8617 or send a message to request a consultation at our Madison office.